It sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

There is no catch.  We have a highly efficient, safe and quality controlled system and supply chain that allows us to mix and pump screed faster, cheaper and better quality than manual mixing.  We pass the savings onto our clients, because if our clients are winning, then we are winning. It’s as simple as that.


We want to make every project a huge operational and cost saving success for our clients.

I haven’t used ScreedPro before, what do I do?

Give us a call.  We love talking about screed.  We will ask you some initial questions such as:


  • Where your job is and when you are doing it?
  • What the substrate is and what flooring product you are installing?
  • The approximate size and thickness of the area you are screeding?
  • Any particular specification you have from your builders or architects for the screed?


From this we will be able to quickly identify the most appropriate screed, estimate your quantities, provide a specification or system if needed, timeframe and cost estimate.

I have a complex job, can you help?

Yes.  We are highly experienced in solving problems, meeting high performance specifications and safely and efficiently supplying screed in tight, complex, busy work sites.


We will be pleased to meet you on site to plan all the aspects of your job.

What happens when I book the screed truck?

You will receive booking confirmation from our dispatch system with all the details of your job.  We will stay in touch leading up to the job to update on any new information or changes.

I have to cancel or reschedule a booking. What now?

Give us a call as soon as possible please.  We run a very sophisticated booking and dispatch system and work hard to meet all our client’s schedules.  The more notice we have of a cancellation or reschedule the better we can handle this smoothly and without cost.  If we are cancelled once we are on site we have a minimum call out charge that applies but we try to avoid this of course, as no one likes cancellations.

What happens when you arrive at site?

One of our trucks will arrive on site at the specified time.  It normally takes only a few minutes to park the truck, connect to water, put down floor protection and ensure everything is safe and good to go.  Typically, if we arrive at 7am, we are often mixing within 15-30 minutes.


If we are pumping a long distance or height, it will take a bit longer to set up and we will ask the installation crew to give us a hand so that we can start operations quickly.  If it’s a  really complex pumping job, we may come the day before to set up the hoses so that when the truck arrives for the job it can get started quickly.

Are your Operators inducted?

All our operators hold construction industry white cards and can be inducted on arrival if your site requires it.

Tell me about your Operators?

We have an outstanding team of multi-skilled Operators with diverse backgrounds and high capabilities.  All of our operators:


  • Have extensive construction industry experience
  • Have a deep knowledge of screed and systems
  • Engage in continuing professional development through in-house and external training
  • Are focused on safety of our people, our equipment and those around us
  • Have the skills to operate hi-tech equipment and systems
  • Deliver a very high level of customer service
  • Are well spoken, presented and professional at all times


We are always looking for new operators with the “right stuff” to join our team.  If it’s you or someone you know, please get in touch at admin@screedpro.com

Lets talk safety. Do you have Safe Work Method Statements and Plant Risk Assessments?

Absolutely.  We take the safety of our people, our equipment and those we are working with extremely seriously.  All our operators carry iPads with our custom HSE system loaded.  We are able to generate site specific SWMS and Risk Assessments on the spot specific to the site conditions.


Every site and every job is different.  Safety is not a “one size fits all” and we take great care to ensure that we get it right every time.


We live and breathe a safety culture because our business is based on our people, our equipment and our clients.  In our experience a safe job is always a better planned and executed job.


We always strive to ensure that we are setting an example on site.  We work for all the major builders and across multiple sites and so safety is at the heart of everything we do and we are always looking at ways to improve how we operate.

Is there any mess?

We aim to be a zero impact on site.  We carry custom engineered pump out bags for the safe flushing of hoses and mixers and apply ground protection sheets around the truck in case of any spillage.


We pride ourselves on leaving every site exactly as we found it.

Do you require on-site storage or power?

No.  We are fully self-contained and other than access to water we don’t require anything other than a place to park whilst operating.

Do I need wheelbarrows or labourers?

No.  Our system mixes and pumps the screed where you need it.  Once our hoses are laid out, the system will pump the screed up to 180m horizontally or 90m vertically to exactly where you need it.

The area we are screeding is not on the ground floor. Can you pump it?

Yes, our system is a fully automated mixing and pumping system.  Whether you are on the ground floor or 20th floor we will mix and pump the screed exactly where you need it.

How long does it take?

We can mix and pump up to 6 cubic meters an hour.  That’s a huge volume of screed!  But don’t worry, if your job is tricky, we work to your pace.  We can start, stop, speed up or slow down as you required.


We can be on site for as little as 1 hour or 24/7.  We work to your schedule and requirements.

Access to our site is tight. Can your truck get in?

We are tight site specialists.  Our screed trucks have advanced rear steering axles that allow us to access tight locations and of course, we can pump the screed up to 180m as well, so there is rarely a site we can’t supply screed to.

I only have a little job, can you do that too?

Absolutely, we regularly do jobs as small as 1 cube (or even less).  We like small jobs, medium size jobs and big jobs.  Even small jobs are cost effective when you factor in the savings on labour, purchasing and bringing materials and mixing equipment to site.  We will focus on the screed so you can focus on job.

What types of screed to you supply?

We can mix screed to virtually any specification and with additives or specialist binders.  Our typical screeds include:


  • Regular sand cement 15 – 20 mpa for tiling and stone
  • Mapei Topcem engineered screed 30+ mpa fast drying for vinyl, epoxy, carpet, underfloor heating etc
  • Mapei Mapecem engineered screed 50+ mpa for ultra fast drying and very high performance areas


If you send us your specification, we can work with that or propose an appropriate screed to meet your requirements

Do you work nights and weekends?

The construction industry never stops and neither do we.  We regularly operate nights and weekends.  We know you need to rely on us, so we commit to working with your schedule including around the clock.

We have a certain screed or system specified. Can you work with that?

We regularly work with a number of different products and suppliers.  Let us know what has been specified on your job and we will either meet that specification or propose a higher specification alternative.

Do you have technical data sheets and testing reports?

Yes.  Quality control is extremely important for us and we have full technical documentation for our screeds and sands including lab analysis and technical data sheets.

Do you certify your screed?

Absolutely.  Each day we supply a comprehensive electronic supply certificate detailing the quantities, quality, time on site, environmental, site and safety conditions.  For the engineered screeds this forms part of your warranty system.

Do you supply light weight screeds?

Yes, we regularly supply screed systems that are designed to achieve a weight saving.  This includes engineered floating screeds over foam boards and other solutions.

Tell me about your warranties.

ScreedPro guarantees the quality of our screeds.  Our Mapei engineered screeds are backed by a 10 year international warranty from Mapei.  If we are mixing another supplier’s screed, we will ensure that it is mixed in accordance with their Technical Data Sheet for the product so that any warranty from the supplier is maintained.

Can you give me advice on which screed I should use?

Yes.  It is very important to us that your screeding project is a success and we will only supply the correct screed for the job.  We never cut corners on quality or supply a screed that is not appropriate.  We will always be pleased to help you make sure that you are using the correct screed.

Do you install the screed?

We focus on supplying screed and being a partner to our installer and builder clients.  We will work with your installers to ensure the job is a success.  If you need an installer, we can normally recommend a number of quality contractors who we have experience working with that would be right for your job.

Do you supply adhesives?

For sand cement screeds we recommend that the installers use a good quality adhesive, but we don’t have a specific requirement.


For Mapei screeds we supply a two-part Mapei adhesive system which forms part of your system warranty for the screed.


Clients can of course also use this adhesive system for sand cements screeds as it is an excellent product.

What are the drying times on your screeds

Drying times for screeds depend on a range of factors including thickness of the screed and weather conditions.  Clients are recommended to use a moisture meter to test screed curing before installing topping products.


The Mapei screeds are fast drying and depending on which product is used can be ready for tiles between 3 – 24 hours and vinyl within 1-4 days.


If you have a specific time frame you need to work within let us know and we will advise you on the most appropriate screed product.

Do I need to re-hydrate my screeds? What about hot weather?

In hot weather conditions you need to protect your sand cement screeds from drying too quickly or they risk not reaching full strength or going dusty.  Protecting your screed and re-hydrating is often a good idea.  We don’t recommend screeding in conditions over 35 degrees or if the screed is exposed to high temperature or dry winds and if so, clients should take extra precautions to protect the screed to ensure quality is not affected by the environmental conditions.


However, for our Mapei screeds, because of their unique design, rehydrating is not necessary (in fact should not be done).  The screeds are designed to dry quickly and should not be re-hydrated.  


Consult the TDS for more information

How should I prepare the sub-surface?

The subsurface should always be clean and free of chemicals and dust and should be course.  Typically CSP level III is recommended.  If the substrate is smooth or polished it should be ground back to ensure the adhesive can make a good bond and to reduce the risk of delamination.

Do I need to use mesh?

There are circumstances where Australian Standards recommend the use of mesh.  Especially for thick screeds, unbonded or floating screeds and when screeding over underfloor heating in some circumstances.  We can assist you with this and also bring in expert advice from Mapei and other manufacturers.

What about quality control?

We take quality control very seriously.  All our raw materials suppliers are tested and approved by our partner laboratory and we conduct regular testing to ensure consistency.


Our mixing system is computer controlled, volumetric based to ensure consistent quality of mixing.

Should I use expansion joints?

Expansion joints control the natural cracking of screeds and we always recommend that clients follow Australian Standard recommendations and the engineer’s specifications for the installation of expansion joints.

Can you do regional jobs?

Yes.  We regularly supply screed to regional jobs.  We have travelled over 1,400 km to supply the screed for a regional hospital and regularly supply country and regional projects.  Give us a call.

Can you offer trade credit accounts?

Yes.  For qualifying clients we are able to offer fully insured trade credit accounts on 30 day End of Month terms.  


We insure all our trade credit accounts so that we can provide the best possible terms for our clients.


Contact us now to set up your account.

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