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The Foundation of your Flooring System

We work very closely with our Builders, Architects, Engineers and Clients to ensure that the screeding operations are a great success.  We see ourselves as much more than “just a supplier”.  We want every screed to be a success, for the installers to use the correct product every time, for your schedule and budget to be met and for your specifications to be complied with.


Backed by our in-depth experience and the resources and technical laboratory of our multi-national supply partners, we have the capability to design a screed (and flooring system) that meets virtually any specification.


Led by a Management Team comprising multiple Masters level post graduate University qualifications and with the collaboration of our partner R&D laboratories, we are able to engage with you at a professional level on specifications, system design and project delivery to ensure success.


The screed is a fundamental component of the flooring system and key to its integrity.  We can supply a screed to meet your existing specification or supply a full system backed by a 10 year international warranty. We also have full technical documentation for our screeds and sands including lab analysis and technical data sheets.

Insist upon ScreedPro screeds for:

  • Tile & Stone

  • Vinyl, Carpet & Epoxy

  • Artificial Turf & Waterproofing

  • Underfloor Heating

  • Lightweight & Reinforced Screeds

  • 3-24 hr Fast Drying Screeds

  • Bonded & Unbonded Screeds

  • High Performance Engineered Screeds | 30 – 50 mpa

The ScreedPro Difference for Builders, Architects & Engineers:

There are very good reasons for transforming the way you design and plan your screeding projects to include ScreedPro on-site mixing and pumping in your next project:


  • Your workers are not exposed to cement or silica dust.  Our system is a closed circuit and extremely safe

  • No manual handling – all shovelling, wheelbarrowing and handling cement bags is eliminated

  • We mix and pump it where you need

  • We implement high-quality HSE procedures for our operators, our equipment and those around us

Costing Your Projects

  • With our sophisticated, in-house developed estimating program we will quickly help you determine the estimated quantities of screed you will need, the number of days for supply and the cost

  • We are fully transparent on costs and are committed to saving you time and money

Site & Logistics Efficiency

  • No reliance on the materials hoist.  We pump the screed where its needed. Up to 180m horizontal or 20 stories

  • No on-site storage of sand or cement – we are on site only while operating

  • No ordering of sand and cement and dealing with deliveries of materials.  We have everything we need on the pump trucks

Time Savings

  • We dramatically speed up screeding operations, which saves you time in your build schedule

  • In one hour, we can mix and pump what a team of labourers can do in a day

  • In one day, we can mix and pump what a team of labourers can do in a week

  • Our fast-drying screeds save days and weeks on curing time.  We have screeds you can install on the same day or next day. Don’t wait weeks for screeds to dry.

Cost Savings

  • We source and handle our raw materials, cements and binders in bulk and pass the savings onto our clients

  • We can supply either the builder or the flooring contractor

  • We save significant labour as we eliminate the need for mixing and wheelbarrows

  • The flooring contractors can only work as fast as the screed is mixed.  With manual mixing, the entire operation is only as fast the workers shovelling, mixing and barrowing screed.  Our pump trucks maintain a constant supply of screed and the same square meterage of screed gets done vastly faster.  This saves labour and reduces the cost per square meter

  • Our screeds are vastly less expensive than pre-mixed bagged screeds and cheaper even than buying bags of sand and cement.  We will save the project and the flooring contractors money every time

Product Quality Control & Guarantees

  • Our computer controlled, volumetric mixing ensures your screed is mixed correctly every time

  • We have screeds ranging from 15 – 50 mpa and always supply the right screed for the job

  • Our reputation is built on the quality of our screed.  We never cut corners

  • We quality control our raw materials to ensure consistency

  • We regularly test our screeds with our partner laboratory

  • We guarantee the quality of our screeds

  • Our engineered screeds are backed by 10-year manufacturers warranties

  • We issue our clients a comprehensive electronic Supply Certificate each day that forms part of your records and warranty documentation

Advice & Specifications

  • We have fully documented data sheets for all our screeds

  • We can work with your specifications or design alternative specifications to your needs

  • We regularly problem-solve and design warranties systems for complex screeds. For example: high-strength reinforced, floating screeds over underfloor heating and insulation foam substrate

  • We have the support of our partner R&D labs for complex problems and system solutions

It sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

There is no catch.  We have a highly efficient, safe and quality controlled system and supply chain that allows us to mix and pump screed faster, cheaper and better quality than manual mixing.  We pass the savings onto our clients, because if our clients are winning, then we are winning. It’s as simple as that.


We want to make every project a huge operational and cost saving success for our clients.

ScreedPro Screed Truck

Putting Safety First

The safety of our Operators, the Installers those around us and our equipment is of the utmost importance to us. We will never take a short cut on safety and risk our people, clients or equipment. All our Operators are trained to conduct a safety inspection prior to each job and to monitor the operations to ensure that everything proceeds smoothly and without issue. We foster a culture of open communication that encourages our Operators to contribute to the continuous improvement of our safety procedures and values those who put safety first.


We will work very closely with you and your installers to make sure that every time they install our screed it’s a great outcome. We will induct the installers on Safe Work Procedures for our screeding operations and give advice on how to achieve the best installation result.


Our reputation and your flooring system is built on the quality of our screed.  We are happy to give free advice and appreciate the opportunity to be engaged early in your project planning so that we provide the highest level assistance possible.


For complex projects or challenges we can draw on the resources of our multi-national supply partner’s R&D and Technical department to ensure a fit-for-purpose specification for your screed and overall system.

Quality Control

Quality Control is extremely important to us. Whether we are mixing a sand:cement screed or a high-performance engineered screed, each batch is as important as the last.


We fully document and certify each day’s supply including all environmental conditions, material conditions, quantities, time, safety and a range of other factors that contribute to screeding success.


Our operators are trained to not only supply the screed correctly, but to take a pro-active role in ensuring that the installers are doing a great job installing the screed. Our operators conduct daily toolbox inductions with our installers to make sure that everyone understands what is happening that day and that important matters such as substrate preparation, adhesives, compaction, post-installation care and of course safety are fully understood by all installers working with us and our product.


Our reputation is built on the quality of our screed and the success of its installation so we always go the extra mile to ensure its success.

Want to take your screed into the 21st century?

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